About Health and Fitness

C.Y.D.A. FITNESS IS FUN! model focuses on nutrition education with food and fitness activities that promote health and wellness for youth and their families. C.Y.D.A. Fitness is Fun Curriculum is a seven-lesson module geared toward youth for grades K – 8th and the fundamental goal is to have the targeted age group gain acceptance of personal responsibility for lifelong health.

Chase Your Dreams Academy uses the USDA Team Nutrition program model integrated with the My Plate and Let’s Move! curriculum. The primary objective of the program is to teach the importance of healthy eating and physical activity to staying healthy. The curriculum will utilize a series of subject lessons and kid friendly hands‐on activities that allow youth to discover, explain with understanding, and reflect upon their experiences with food and fitness.

The curriculum meets English, language, arts, math, science, and health standards established by Common Core, National Academy of Sciences, and the American Cancer Society. The use of this curriculum is designed to create practical and real life connections for students at school and home. The goal is to encourage a lasting awareness of what it means to be healthy.